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Helmet Loss Survey


TRL is conducting research to examine the factors associated with helmet loss, which will assist our understanding of the potential mechanisms and provide better consumer education to motorcycle helmet users. The programme involves physical testing and helmet user surveys.

TRL would like to invite motorcyclists to take part in this survey, which will provide us with valuable data on rider attitudes to motorcycle helmet fit and potential factors that may influence the quality of this fit.

To access the survey, please clickhere

Background Information

Powered two wheeler (PTW) riders represent 1% of road traffic but 19% of all road fatalities. It is reported that of these fatalities, over 80% receive a strike to the head and in 80% of these cases the head injury is the most severe injury sustained. There is strong evidence to show that between 10-14% of helmets are ejected prior to or during the impact event.

Current European regulation, Reg22.05, includes a pull-off test to try to ensure adequate retention-system strength and stability. Schemes, such as SHARP, educate the user to improve fit selection at time of purchase. But, it is unclear whether either adequately addresses the true mechanisms of helmet loss. TRL's study aims to investigate whether the existing test requirements in ECE Reg 22.05 are realistically based and how well existing helmet designs comply to these tests when new and used.

TRL also hopes to identify the mechanisms of helmet loss and to quantify the importance of relevant factors such as inertia effects, head geometry and flesh compliance and misuse. Collection of real world data to support this project will be a valuable asset which can be used to support future projects and educate both the industry and end users.

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