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The TRRL East African Flood Model

Author: Fiddes, D
Pages: 41
Reference: LR706
Publish Date: 01/01/1976
Keywords: flooding, mathematical model, kenya, uganda, africa, rural area, catchment area, forecast, culvert, rain, run off, discharge, hydrology,,,

four years of data from 13 small representative rural catchments in kenya and uganda were analysed to develop improved methods of flood estimation for highway bridges and culverts. due to the short period of record and the very quick response time of the catchments, unit hydrograph techniques were found inappropriate. a technique which made better use of limited data, therefore, had to be developed. rainfall and runoff data were fitted to a simple three parameter conceptual catchment model. the model was then used to predict the 10 year flood using a 10 year design storm. a simple technique is then developed for predicting the peak flow and base time of design hydrographs for ungauged catchments.(a)

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