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a study of accident rates amongst motorists who passed or failed on advanced driving test

Author: Hoinville, G,Berthoud, R,Mackie, AM
Pages: 62
Reference: LR499
Publish Date: 01/01/1972
Keywords: accident rate, driver, age, man, woman, personality, experience, driving aptitude, driving test, attitude, offence, accident, vehicle, forecast, united kingdom,,,

a study has been carried out to measure the extent that a driving test can be used to predict the subsequent accident records of those drivers who pass and those drivers who fail it.the prediction of accidents for groups of drivers through the knowledge of other driver characteristics has also been examined.the test investigated was that of the institute of advanced motorists.results have indicated that the group of motorists who passed this test had 25 per cent fewer accidents over the 3 year period after taking the test than those who failed.this is a statistically significant difference and demonstrates quantitatively that driver testing by subjective methods is a useful road safety measure in that it can successfully identify a group of drivers who will have more accidents.multivariate analysis has been applied to the various characteristics measured in the survey to find whether the identification of drivers with future good or bad accident records can be made more reliable and the relevance to testing in general is discussed.(a)

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