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The longer term effects of the Tyne and Wear Metro

The Tyne and Wear Metro is a light rail rapid transit system serving the County of Tyne and Wear (population 1.13 million) in North East England. The first phase of the system opened in 1980 and Metro was finally completed in 1984. A major study of the impacts of this substantial new investment in public transport was started in 1978 - first examining the situation before Metro - and was completed in 1984 when the whole system, including public transport integration, was operational. Study results were given in "The Metro Report" published in 1985 by the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive. The present study is an update on this earlier work and looks at the longer-term impacts of the Metro. The operational environment of Metro has altered significantly since the mid-1980s and the study shows how these changes - notably deregulation - have affected the system. The evidence for longer-term impacts of the Metro on land use and property development within the changed context of a more buoyant local economy and a more active property market is also examined.

Author Davoudi, S,Gillard, A,Healey, P,Pullen, B,Raybould, S,Robinson, F,Silcock, D,Usher, D,Wymer, C Pages 74
Date 01/01/1993 Reference CR357
ISBN 0266-7045 ISSN 0266-7045

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