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Assess and improve walking provision using PERS

What is PERS?

The Pedestrian Environment Review System (PERS) is an expert tool for assessing and rating street environments and identifying improvements for pedestrians.

PERS can be used to quickly and cost-effectively assess the quality of:

  • Footways and footpaths
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bus stops, tram stops and taxi-ranks
  • Public spaces and interchange spaces
  • Subways and footbridges

The highly experienced TRL PERS audit team can undertake PERS audits on your behalf and deliver tailor-made recommendations on how to improve street environments, such as:

  • Quick-win maintenance recommendations
  • Detailed design recommendations
  • GIS maps showing Red/Amber/Green ratings across a street network
  • Mapped area overviews summarising key problems
  • Indicative costs of improvements
  • Liaison with contractors to build improvements


What problems does PERS solve?

PERS audits identify and solve many different issues in the pedestrian environment including:

  • Trip hazards and street clutter
  • Informal crossings, permeability and problem junctions
  • Disabled peoples access and DDA compliance
  • Wayfinding, pedestrian signage and lighting
  • Fear of crime and personal safety
  • Making a business case for high quality streets


Who uses PERS?

PERS was co-developed with TfL and has been used to audit over 160km of streets around London (over 30% of the TfL network). Other projects include:

  • 2012 Olympics walking route
  • Pedestrian interchange at Londons 8 largest stations (working with Living Streets)
  • Walking routes to Newcastle Hospital
  • Town centre Walking Access Master Plans
  • ‘Before' and ‘After' Wayfinding assessment of Legible London system


Click here for information on PERS Software


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