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Dutch Style Roundabouts

Large roundabouts can be intimidating for some cyclists as conflicts with other traffic can often occur, especially when the cyclist is turning right. The presence of a roundabout may discourage cyclists from choosing a particular route or even result in them not cycling at all.

Dutch Style Roundabouts

Typical Dutch style roundabouts have a tighter geometry which reduces vehicles speeds and improves visibility.  Some also have an orbital cycle lane which allows cyclists to travel around the roundabout separately to other traffic.

Transport for London (TfL) in partnership with TRL is presently considering the potential effects of introducing these types of roundabouts in the UK, and are running trials on a purpose-built full-scale Dutch style roundabout at the TRL test facility in Crowthorne.  Tests include driver compliance with give-way markings, analysis of traffic capacity, and comprehension of layouts and markings.

In particular, TRL will be looking to understand the interactions between cyclists and drivers as they enter, traverse and exit the roundabout.  The trial will provide TfL with better knowledge and understanding and will help to determine if such a layout is fundamental to turning right.  It will also enable a comparison to be made between this layout and that of a signalized junction.

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