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Low Level Cycle Signals

Low level signals with cycle logos are used widely in Europe, to provide signals closer to cyclists' eye-level, and also to provide separate signal phases for cyclists at junctions.

Low Level Cycle Signals

Transport for London (TfL) has commissioned TRL to undertake research to investigate how cyclists respond to this type of signal, with a view of seeking a change to the UK regulations so that they can be introduced onto the streets of not only London but across Great Britain.

The trials at TRL will be undertaken in two stages as follows:

  • Testing a range of smaller cycle signals available across Europe and mounting these at a lower height to determine the suitability and applicability of these cycle signals for use in London
  • Testing cyclists' and other road users' response to low level cycle signals at a trial junction on TRL's small roads system

Further information on the  cycle signals can be found here.

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