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Ways of Turning Right

Transport for London (TfL) has asked TRL to investigate the possibility of introducing new ways for cyclists to turn right at signalized junctions, and to learn from continental techniques and practices.

Ways of Turning Right

The aim is to reduce the difficulty that cyclists face in undertaking this manoeuvre avoiding the necessity to cross traffic lanes or getting caught between opposing streams of traffic in a junction.

There are a number of approaches which have been identified for further investigation into ways of turning right which include:

Fully Segregated Signalised Junction

This approach will involve cyclists turning right on a green stage signal from a segregated cycle track. The movement can be undertaken in either a single movement or in two stages, as illustrated above.

Two-Stage Right Turn

Where cyclists are mixed with traffic, the right turn is carried out in two stages, with a dedicated area provided for cyclists to wait after the first stage.  See diagram to the right.

Dutch Style Roundabout

Part of the roundabout trial will look at cyclists' behaviour when undertaking a right turn.  More information on the Dutch Style Roundabout trial can be found here.


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