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ABS 'should be compulsory on new motorcycles by 2015'

ABS 'should be compulsory on new motorcycles by 2015'

Date: 20/9/2011

Ministers in Europe are set to debate introducing a regulation that will see all motorcycles in and above the 125cc engine category being fitted with anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

It has been proposed that this standard be brought in by 2017, but the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called for the rule to come into force by 2015.

Together with the Federation International de l'Automobile (FIA), the organisation claimed that by bringing in this standard two years ahead of the date proposed, the safety benefits will be felt earlier.

It also cited Department for Transport statistics showing that last year there were 403 fatal accidents involving motorcycle riders in the UK - the equivalent of 21 per cent of all road deaths.

This is despite motorcyclists accounting for only four per cent of the country's road users.

In Italy, nearly 25 per cent of all new large bikes have ABS and using this information together with research conducted by the FIA, the IAM has calculated that 1,500 deaths could be prevented across Europe if the locking system was introduced as standard on large bikes.

IAM Director of Policy and Research Neil Greig said: "On motorcycles, ABS is still prone to faults because it is more open to the elements and repairs can be very expensive. Compulsory fitment will bring down unit costs and allow all riders to enjoy the safety benefits."

The IAM has previously claimed that motorcycle riders face greater risks than other road users, with Chief Examiner at the Institute Peter Rodger noting that car drivers need to take care to look out for them.

Posted by Sarah Bailey

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