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Commission takes first step towards rollout of eCall system

Commission takes first step towards rollout of eCall system

Date: 9/9/2011

The European Commission has made the first recommendation that could see potentially life-saving technology rolled out across all new cars.

eCall automatically dials 112 - Europe's single emergency phone number - should the vehicle it is in be involved in a serious accident and informs the operative of its location.

The Commission is now urging member states to take the necessary steps to make sure that mobile phone network providers carry out an upgrade of their infrastructure that allows these calls to take place efficiently.

It is estimated that the eCall system is able to speed up the response times of emergency services by 40 per cent in urban areas and by as much as 50 per cent in rural locales.

This is because there are cases when a driver is unable to make the necessary call due to loss of consciousness or restricted mobility following an accident.

From 2015, the Commission wants the technology to feature in all new cars and light vehicles and it is believed hundreds of lives across member states could be saved annually, while the severity of injuries may also be reduced.

In August, the organisation announced it would extend authorisation of the 24 GHz radio frequency band for short-range anti-collision radar in vehicles until 2018.

This will remove any potential barriers to fitting these safety devices to new cars, which could help to protect pedestrians and other road users.

Posted by Sarah Bailey

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