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Female drivers 'should wear appropriate shoes'

Female drivers 'should wear appropriate shoes'

Date: 1/10/2010

Women have been encouraged to ensure they drive in sensible footwear while on the roads as part of a recent campaign carried out at a businesswomen's networking event in Shropshire.

As reported by the Shropshire Star, a survey has shown 80 per cent of females wear "inappropriate" shoes when in their car, while ten per cent have been involved in a collision as a result of stilettos sticking between the pedals.

Furthermore, some respondents stated they have worn flip flops or gone barefoot on occasions.

Commenting at the meeting, Jo Baugh, director of TTC Automotive, said on top of selecting appropriate footwear, females should make every effort to drive safely at all times and avoid distractions.

"We must ensure we are not thinking about what we are going to cook for tea while driving down the road sometimes with our most precious cargo - our kids - in the car," she said.

This follows a report from Diamond, which found housewives are 11 per cent more likely to have been caught speeding than other women.

Posted by Sarah Bailey

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