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Driving Simulation

TRL is home to DigiSim, the UK's premier driving simulation centre, which houses both car and truck driving simulators, in addition to a host of technology designed to re-create and assess many of the tasks associated with driving.

Driving Simulation

Our extensive knowledge of driving simulation, human factors and psychology has contributed to many of the standards of vehicles and roads we see today, as well as the understanding of people and human behaviour.

The simulators ensure both internal and external information are accurately reproduced so drivers feel as if they're sitting in a genuine vehicle. Quality audio and visual systems contribute to making the experience as real as possible. The simulators are programmed to move to replicate the impact of acceleration, braking and gradients or even effects of particular loads. Simulated scenes can introduce varying weather effects such as snow, rain, sun or fog at the click of a button and re-create incidents such as a tyre blow-out over and over again.


TRL offer a comprehensive simulation service, delivering independent research and training for a wide range of clients, however the facilities can also be made available to other organisations and institutions who can hire the simulators for their own research or training requirements with as much or as little involvement from TRL experts in experimental or curriculum design, setup and configuration, participant recruitment, operational delivery and analysis as needed.


For more information on DigiSim, please click the links in the section below or contact Andi Flint, Head of Human Factors and Simulation, on +44 (0)1344 770871 or

In This Section

DigiCar: TRL's Car Driving Simulator

The UK' s most high-profile car simulator used on such trials as mobile phones and driving, alcohol and driving and drug driving.

DigiTruck: TRL's Truck Driving Simulator

Find out more about TRL's truck driving simulator - the UK's first full-scale truck driving simulator, capable of delivering signifcant savings in fuel economy and used to validate the effectiveness of simulated driver training.

Case Studies

TRL has been involved in many internationally recognised driving simulation projects.


Watch video clips of our car driving simulator and truck driving simulator in action.

Image Slideshow

To see pictures of TRL's car driving simulator and truck driving simulator, please view our Image Slideshow.


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