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ServCity Nissan autonomous vehicles trials

This project set out to answer the big question: How can autonomous vehicles bec...

23 July 2024

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An Earth Observation system to rapidly assess the condition of unpaved roads

An ESA project to develop an Earth Observation (EO) system applying machine lear...

02 January 2024

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Commercialising CAM Supply Chain with Nissan, Titan, Aim

TRL are involved in 3 of 6 projects to be delivered within the CCAV’s Commercial...

05 September 2023

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Operational in-use monitoring of AVs

A proposed framework for assuring the safety of Automated Vehicles (AVs) through...

15 June 2023

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Supporting UNHCR response to collisions

A collaboration with UNHCR involves TRL’s collision investigation team analysing...

30 May 2023

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CAM safety approvals

How to create a pathway for an approvals process that is sustainable as CAM tech...

23 May 2023

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Study on technical requirements for the type-approval of non-road mobile machinery

A European Commission project exploring the need for a new top level European ty...

26 April 2023

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Road Note 31 - 5th Edition

A revised and updated version of the Road Note 31 pavement design manual for tro...

24 February 2023

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The Transport for London Bus Safety Standards

A summary of the work done to date to support Transport for London's mission to ...

03 August 2022

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Hydrogen demonstrations pave way for trials at scale

Update on four demonstrations of hydrogen fuel technologies as part of the ZERFT...

17 June 2022

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