Preparing a Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Your ambition is to reduce your fleet CO2 emissions, switch to cleaner fuels, and drive down costs. It’s a tough balancing act short term, and involves making business critical decisions for the long-term.

TRL can help you to -

  • Calculate the operational placement and best use of low carbon vehicles in the fleet
  • Undertake electric vehicle fleet conversion studies
  • Derive insights from existing telematics data that help identify quick efficiency improvements of whole fleets, individual vehicles or drivers
  • Develop a robust low carbon business model through modelling real-world and simulated data
  • Interpret the European decarbonisation policy and regulation landscape
  • Support the pursuit of R&D grant funding among local/national/international research and funding organisations
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers to create a sustainable value chain

TRL’s credentials

  • Management and delivery of the ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme
  • Low Emission Freight Trials
  • Seminal research into consumer acceptance of electric vehicles and choice of charging method (CVEI)
  • Electric Road Systems – an analysis of options for electrification of infrastructure at a national scale
  • Delivery & Service Plans, minimising the impact to local communities of major construction schemes by scheduling access to site
  • STTRIDE investment tool
  • DeteCTOR
  • Asphalt Pavement Embodied Carbon Tool - asPECT

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