Road marking collector

A new and innovative approach to measuring the visibility and completeness of longitudinal, transverse and in-lane road markings under all lighting conditions at traffic speed.

The challenge

At night the retroreflectivity of road markings helps drivers recognise lane delineation and junctions, giving advance warning of potential hazards. However, trafficking wears away the line and reduces the night-time visibility. Engineers require reliable and up to date information on marking condition to maximise road safety, whilst delivering efficient, timely maintenance of the asset. In the past, obtaining this information has been difficult to achieve safely and cost effectively due to the limitations of the available data collection technologies.

The solution

TRL has developed the MarkingCollector, a method that uses state of the art LED imaging equipment mounted on the front of a survey vehicle to collect high resolution images of road markings at traffic-speed. MarkingCollector adopts a novel configuration to overcome many of the practical and technological limitations encountered with previous generations of road marking assessment devices.

Key benefits:

  • Wide vision covering nearside, offside and in lane markings.
  • Operates at traffic speed removing the need for traffic management.
  • Surveys can be carried out during the day and night with no driving line requirements
  • Configurable (1 or 3 heads) and operates as a standalone system
  • Proven track record of over 25,000km of road markings collected
  • Asset managers can make informed, evidence based decisions using reliable, repeatable and actively manage 

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