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TRL understands all about the testing of whole vehicles, individual components and aftermarket accessories.

Over many decades we have tackled a wide range of challenges presented by the varied needs of our customers. We are experienced in working with automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and aftermarket accessory suppliers to ensure their products meet safety standards.

Although we no longer conduct crash testing at TRL, our expertise remains invaluable. Whether seeking support at the design phase of a new product, or ready to test a new product, TRL can help you scope the requirements from a test facility, recommend appropriate testing procedures, devise new test procedures if none exist for novel products, and manage the testing process from start to finish.  Our experts are well versed in the interpretation of regulations, understanding the information gathered from testing, and using it to suggest alterations to the product design to improve performance or conformance.  


Examples of unusual automotive products we have tested include

Wheelchairs – evaluation of the structural performance of wheelchairs and their mounting brackets.
Car bumpers – evaluation of performance in a frontal collision of car bumpers and associated crash tubes  
Roof racking for a van –   evaluation of whether a roof racking system for a van would remain secured in place during a collision 


In the Smart Mobility Living Lab ( we are testing the next generation of safety features to be included in partially automated production cars, and designing tests for self-driving cars to ensure they are safe to operate on the roads alongside human-driven cars. Our research work in the Smart Mobility Living Lab for driverless cars includes vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)  and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) secured communications systems, navigation, sensing, and platooning technologies, plus new shared services business models, insurance and payment systems. 

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