Active Travel Audits

TRL’s Active Travel Audits help local authorities, landowners and developers make cities, towns, villages and spaces safer, more accessible, and better equipped to deal with the growing diversity in users and micromobility modes.

Our audits are designed to identify and address the key safety, accessibility, and comfort concerns for pedestrians, cyclists, and micromobility riders. We provide practical recommendations for improving the design and provision of the street environment to encourage sustainable and safe modes of transportation, allowing informed investment decisions to support increased active travel.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive and holistic methodology assessing the street environment with the aim of improving provision. We use standardised assessments of the quality and characteristics of walking and cycling infrastructure and provide practical recommendations for improving the design, safety, legibility and comfort of the street environment.

Our Active Travel Audits are undertaken from the perspective of two key user groups:

  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists and micromobility riders

The outcomes are safer, more sustainable and more accessible streets for all, enabling greater adoption of Active Travel in your regions.


Our Pedestrian review delivers a 55-point audit undertaken from the perspective of pedestrians, providing a holistic assessment of routes, links, crossings, spaces and public transport facilities.


Cyclists and micromobility riders

Our Cyclist review delivers a 59-point audit from the perspective of cyclists and micromobility riders (including e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-scooters), providing an in-depth assessment of links, junctions and routes, as well as cycle facility provision at interchanges and cycle parking. 


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