Convert Compliance to Advantage

The apparent burden of your legal obligations as fleet owners and operators can be transformed into commercial advantage because most activities can also improve safety, driver well-being and deliver fuel savings all at once.

TRL can help you to –

  • Compile a fleet risk profile for insurers, particularly focussed on work-related road risks for drivers who may have been furloughed, work zero-hours contracts, or are struggling with mental health issues
  • Design skills development and training programmes to improve awareness of risks to drivers and their passengers (e.g. or touch control systems, blind spots), or to achieve familiarity with new cab interiors and new technologies ahead of vehicle changes
  • Demonstrate the impact of driving style on fuel efficiency and embed new behaviours with simple training in a simulator
  • Create new policies and guidelines for adopting in-vehicle driver monitoring systems, plus devise programmes to motivate drivers to accept changes in working practices
  • Develop a safety case for mixed use of transport modes in the workplace
  • Get ready for updates to the Highway Code and professional driver training standards
  • Look ahead to the new regimes governing workplace automation (forklifts, containers, warehousing)

TRL’s credentials

  • NCAP vehicle safety standards
  • EC General Safety Regulations
  • Applied research into the effects of fatigue on drivers
  • Definitive evidence on the use of mobile phones whilst driving
  • New truck front-end design standards
  • Applications for data captured by event data recorders
  • Bus driver safety measures during the pandemic
  • BSI Specifications for automated workplace transport

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