Strategic and Local Roads

Efficient and effective road networks are a strategic imperative for economic growth. Free flowing traffic is essential to support productivity, but with a growing population, volumes are increasing. We help public and private sector customers maximise network availability with research, analysis and technology evaluation that support policy, planning and project delivery.

Road knowledge is at the core of TRL’s transport expertise. From our earliest days we’ve helped develop robust, safe transport infrastructure for public sector organisations such as Highways England. Today, governments globally and private sector companies demand our industry-leading experience to research proposals, develop and assess ground-breaking approaches and technology and deliver cost effective programmes that achieve their objectives.

From strategic network planning to addressing specific issues such as extreme weather resilience, our international expertise in optimising road infrastructure is unrivalled.

Optimising capacity

With steadily growing populations, locally and globally, existing transport networks are coping with greater volumes of traffic than their designers envisaged. Governments and organisations need to evolve and adapt them to meet current and future needs. TRL can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of network management with data-driven decision-making. Our leading research capabilities help us provide accurate insight to support modified or flexible operation and infrastructure enhancements to improve safety, reduce congestion and increase capacity.

Meeting economic and commercial challenges

Infrastructure optimisation costs money and new development involves very substantial investment. Our customers depend on our rigorous research and development, based on deep experience in the sector. We can call on a wealth of existing analysis and create brand new studies to understand demand, assess options and produce accurate projections for cost, benefit and risk. Our analysts’ data and market expertise encompasses the widest range of relevant factors to produce comprehensive, credible projections to underpin successful decision making.

Identifying and assessing relevant technology innovation

New technologies and practices emerge constantly, with potential to enhance performance and safety and improve the sustainability and durability of existing and new roads and networks. We have unique insight into global best practice for design and construction, with access to the latest research and techniques. Our innovation experts are at the forefront of this, through their work on scientific and industry development projects. TRL’s customers benefit from this knowledge, as we help make an objective assessment of technologies that will deliver real value and future benefits in roadway design and usability.




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