The convergence of fundamental technological, social, economic, environmental and political trends is driving a period of unprecedented change in the automotive and mobility sectors. From driver behaviour to autonomous cars, these changes create new questions, challenges and opportunities for motor insurers. We can help you understand the evolving nature of risk being driven by new automotive technologies, identify and adapt to legal and political factors and generate change in consumer attitudes and behaviour.

TRL works with insurers to provide guidance and insight into the rapidly changing transport landscape. Our visibility and understanding of the future automotive and mobility roadmap gives us a uniquely objective, in depth and trusted viewpoint that helps you understand evolving risks and opportunities whilst adapting to meet changing market demands. 

For motor and transport infrastructure insurers to compete in current and future markets, understanding and responding effectively to rapid technological, societal and environmental changes is crucial. 

Understanding the future risk landscape

Rapid technical innovation and adoption are bringing new automated safety and driving systems to market at an unprecedented rate. As a result the nature of risk in motor insurance is changing. With the adoption of ADAS in the current fleet and next generation ADAS set to enter the market, risk will increasingly be defined by a vehicle’s safety profile. TRL can help you identify the implications for claims and develop effective solutions, drawing on our detailed technical expertise in automotive technology, accident causation and driver risk.  

Optimising The Benefits Of Telematics

Current telematics technologies can provide key information to support claims assessment. We can help you gain extra insight from event notifications (FNOL), integrate event data into the claims process and enhance claims datasets for in depth analysis.

Building on telematics driver data, at TRL we have developed and delivered robust, scalable approaches to changing driver attitudes to risk. Our approaches deliver tangible benefits by reducing higher risk driving behaviours and optimising the benefits of telematics to both the insurer and the insured. 

Minimising Exposure and Maximising Commercial Opportunity

TRL has market leading expertise and a wealth of evidence based research in vehicle and infrastructure technologies, in depth accident data, consumer attitudes and behavioural change. We apply this knowledge in guiding UK, European and international government policy development and direction. Our insight offers insurers a unique resource for exploring new and innovative ways to minimise exposure and maximise commercial opportunity in the evolving transport environment. 

Evidence-based Advice From Robust Data

We specialise in evidence led solutions in behavioural change, behavioural profiling, collision detection, claims data and expert collision investigation This, coupled with our strategic insight and unique data sets, means TRL can provide you with a variety of truly differentiated and effective services.  


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