Climate resilience

TRL has a long history of working on strategy, planning, research and deployment of climate resilience and environmental programmes, both in Europe and developing countries.

Climate impact assessment and action planning

We use climate projections and engineering knowledge to identify the potential impact on different types of highway assets. We assess the risk associated with these impacts and how it changes over time. We also identify and evaluate adaptation actions.

Our skills include:
  • Understanding and interpreting climate projections and their impact for the road industry
  • Developing and applying risk assessment methodologies at asset or network level
  • Identifying and evaluating climate change adaptation actions, e.g. using cost-benefit analysis to prioritise interventions
  • Incorporating climate change considerations into organisational decision-making
  • Developing tools to help road authorities assess risk and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of adaptation actions
  • Capacity-building and awareness-raising by developing and disseminating technical material, training and coordinating stakeholder engagement workshops

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