Future readiness for vehicle automation

New vehicle technologies can be baffling in their complexity. Most futuristic concepts are already with us, but we fail to exploit them.

TRL can help you to -

  • Evaluate the value and impact of different types of automated driving assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Assess the use of telematics and prepare for new HSE standards governing safety and personal privacy
  • Explore the benefits of automated vehicle interaction with a digitally connected road infrastructure (traffic, parking, refuelling, routing)
  • Collaborate with insurers on new business models e.g. incentive schemes
  • Design new fleet structures to include different powertrains, or different working practices to achieve specific advantage e.g. for last mile deliveries or shared solutions to retail returns
  • Equip garages for new energy management methods and new maintenance regimes
  • Compensate for driver shortages by upskilling or re-skilling drivers to safely and efficiently manage new technology in the cab

Future-proof your business

Join the Innovation Community run by TRL’s Smart Mobility Living Lab. As well as providing exclusive insight into all things relating to automated vehicle technologies, the London based CAM testbed is co-ordinating private research into mobility hubs, to assist multiple stakeholders develop and assess new low carbon transport and logistics business models.

TRL’s credentials

  • Development of EC type approval standards for new vehicle technologies such as intelligent speed assistance, drowsy driver monitoring
  • Studies on the cognitive load of ADAS on driver training and testing methods
  • Safety assurance for all the main UK government funded CAV trials (GATEWay, Driven, Streetwise, ServCity, Endeavour)
  • Development of a roadmap for the transport construction industry to deploy connected and autonomous plant
  • Studies estimating the nature and volume of road traffic incidents caused by introducing automated vehicles into the current vehicle parc
  • TRL is currently leading the UK’s HGV platooning technology trial
  • TRL designed the algorithms used by insurers using black box data to determine risk probabilities of different automated vehicle technology types; the same approach is used to determine the most appropriate regular routes for vehicles with ADAS on specific roads

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