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It's the system, stupid

TRL supports the PACTS manifesto and in this blog Shaun Helman makes the case th...

03 June 2024

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Four life-saving priorities for the next government

TRL is a signatory to a manifesto coordinated by The Parliamentary Advisory Coun...

17 May 2024

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TRL Re-launches ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

The scheme, now under TRL ownership, offers guidance on efficient & cleaner oper...

17 May 2024

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Car club barriers faced by disabled people to be investigated by UK charity

The barriers facing disabled people in accessing car clubs are to be investigate...

03 May 2024

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Warning triangles, sign removal, and casualty extraction: letters from the public and innovation stories from road safety

Dr Shaun Helman reviews random letters from the public which illustrate the diff...

29 April 2024

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TRL publishes Network Study into Road Condition Monitoring Data to inform introduction of new PAS

The Department for Transport invites review and comment on evidence within consu...

25 April 2024

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TRL and DfT forge groundbreaking Grant Framework Agreement to promote innovation

TRL and DfT are committed to advancing scientific research and innovation in the...

17 April 2024

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Beyond the Red Lights: A Comprehensive Approach to Roadside Recovery Safety

Dr Shaun Helman responds to the publication of TRLs report which is behind the G...

02 April 2024

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New micromobility safety rules for the European Commission

TRL and fka GmbH have won a joint contract to study the need for harmonised tech...

21 February 2024

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The Safe System Approach: We need to embrace the foundations, not just the pillars

Dr Shaun Helman champions a new philosophy and appeals for everyone in the trans...

02 February 2024

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