Introducing alternative fuel and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) is a priority for governments and vehicle manufacturers. These vehicles are fundamental for achieving energy and environmental sustainability. Our pioneering research and technology development supports strategies and initiatives to improve air quality in cities, reduce fossil fuel dependency and decrease operating costs.

TRL offers a unique combination of expertise in current and developing technology for ULEV and related infrastructure, consumer and user behaviour, polices and regulations. We have a deep understanding of the transport sector’s needs and requirements. Our impartial market position and technology independence means we can provide evidence driven advice based on the latest research. 

Our expert understanding of the current and future transport and energy landscape makes us a world-class source of advice on the optimum ULEV and refuelling infrastructure solutions. 

A holistic approach to developing solutions

Our deep and wide-ranging experience means we can consider the entire transport environment using our in-house expertise and extensive partner network. We can help you carry out research and develop solutions that position ULEV technology in the real world transport context, including purchasing behaviour and user needs and the challenges of providing refuelling and charging infrastructure.

Market-leading global ULEV and sustainable mobility expertise

Our ULEV and sustainable mobility experts are internationally recognised and respected, leading and delivering work in high profile national and international projects for leading government and industry clients. They advise governments and cities what to adopt or invest in to meet their particular needs and requirements. 

Meeting a range of challenging targets

Governments and manufacturers are faced with a range of regulations and targets to meet, now and in future. Programmes may be air quality driven local initiatives, including the London Ultra Low Emission Zone, national or international environmental sustainability targets, the UK government’s CO2 reduction commitment and the international commitment to greenhouse gas reduction (COP21 Paris Agreement).

We’re deeply familiar with these crucial targets and can help you find effective and commercially viable ways to meet them on schedule.

A pragmatic, informed approach to different market needs

Our industry and government customers set us the challenge of identifying clear and realistic ULEV technology, refuelling infrastructure, policy and regulatory options. We help assess these objectively to determine the most suitable for the decarbonisation of transport and to meet air quality targets in the short, medium and long term. There are national and regional differences that affect the suitability of different solutions.

Our research helps select the best options and provide robust cost benefit analysis to support decision-making. 


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