The sectors that we work in are a reflection of the eco-system that surrounds the transport industry. We aim to support any innovation that will enable us to achieve our mission.

TRL's mission is creating clean and efficient transport that is safe, reliable and convenient for everyone.  The clients we help are predominantly in the UK but are also spread all over the globe.  TRL's influence is historically embedded in the old colonial countries, but today our reach is as much into novel tech start-ups as it is into trans-national road authorities.

Our clients span not just the usual range of land-based transport modes, but increasingly include vertical sectors such as Energy, Communications, and Retail.  Transport is a derived demand, and the nature of that demand is evolving at pace and in unexpected ways.  We have assisted many industry groups with the construction of roadmaps to help them identify all the stakeholders involved in the issues that face them, and those circles of influence are increasingly overlapping.   

It is getting harder to make clear delineations in the sectors that we work in, as the objectives and concerns of our clients are generally common.  Many of the solutions or services we can offer however do translate easily between sectors because they are based on core capabilities and facilities. 

TRL is a business of two natures: our researchers are purists, applying their knowledge and skills to manage difficult questions, acquire credible evidence, and ascertain insightful answers; our consultants are pragmatists seeking application and outcomes.

Most of our projects begin with a question, a known unknown. The length of our service as a transport agency and the body of intellectual property now available to our experts, gives us the ability to see further into the future than others, because our horizon line is further away.  Because of the range of experts we employ, we are able to bring multi-faceted innovative thinking to any question, deepening and broadening the response.

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