TRL renews accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 for Road Materials Testing

UKAS renews TRL's accreditation as a test facility

Published on 18 February 2022

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Pavement engineers and highways construction contractors use the services of the TRL materials testing laboratory to demonstrate compliance and quality assurance in the delivery of their services. TRL can attend site to collect core samples, create material samples from specifications, or analyse supplied samples.

Typical testing activities include:
  •  Core logging of samples taken from site, supporting pavement investigations for new schemes or repairs
  • Testing the stiffness, fatigue and cyclic compression of asphalt samples on a Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT)
  • Asphalt mixing and compaction to prescribed specifications, for sample testing
  • Testing of asphalt samples for resistance to rutting, using small wheel trackers to simulate traffic, and a large French wheel tracker to simulate heavy loads
  • Determination of density and air voids in asphalt samples
  • Assessment of skid resistance and slip resistance of pavement materials and roads
  • Strength and density of concrete specimens (collected from roads or mixed to match specifications in the lab)

The full suite of test types offered by TRL and their associated standards are in the UKAS accreditation statement

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