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Characterising the measurements made by sideways-force skid resistance devices

07 January 2021

Author: P D Sanders
Pages: 49
Reference: PPR980

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Decarbonising Transport

22 December 2020

Author: Dr. Anthony Velazquez Abad
Pages: 16
Reference: ACA013

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Data in Transport

02 December 2020

Author: Dr Ciaran Ellis , Caroline Wallbank, Dr Mark Bell
Pages: 20
Reference: ACA011

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Automating high risk road works processes - quantifying the benefits

12 November 2020

Author: Sam Glaze, Rishabh Ramnath, John Mitchell and Malcolm Palmer
Pages: 41
Reference: PPR970

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Graduated driver licensing in the Isle of Man

16 October 2020

Author: Neale Kinnear & Caroline Wallbank
Pages: 18
Reference: PPR952

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Update of INDG382 to include vehicle safety technologies

21 September 2020

Author: V Pyta, B Gupta, N Stuttard, N Kinnear, S Helman
Pages: 75
Reference: PPR968

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Review of Technology for Undertaking Mobile Phone and Seatbelt Surveys on the SRN

27 August 2020

Author: P Vermaat, S Mohan and R Myers
Pages: 42
Reference: PPR870

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Mobile Phones and Seatbelts Technology Review (Phase 2)

27 August 2020

Author: P Vermaat and R Myers
Pages: 40
Reference: PPR871

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Innovative monitoring strategies for managing hazardous slopes

27 August 2020

Author: Rupert Bainbridge (Newcastle University), Stuart Dunning (Newcastle University) and Michael Lim (Northumbria University)
Pages: 27
Reference: PPR963

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The relationship between connected and autonomous vehicles, and skidding resistance

26 August 2020

Author: J Bullas, T Andriejauskas, P D Sanders & M J Greene
Pages: 62
Reference: PPR962

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