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LMICs to benefit from TRL’s Speed Management Tool

A World Bank-sponsored research project will identify the best ways to apply the...

20 April 2022

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TRL Software to replace National Highways Pavement Management System

TRL Software wins key National Highways' contract to replace its Pavement Manage...

19 April 2022

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TRL’s deflectograph is cleared for 2022 pavement survey duty

TRL’s deflectograph passes annual accreditation to deliver 2022 SRN pavement con...

25 March 2022

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The link between collision dynamics and brain injury in road traffic collisions

TRL and Imperial College London researchers have identified how collision dynami...

23 March 2022

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Announcing the Levelling Up Mobility Allowance

TRL's CEO Paul Campion takes a fresh look at road pricing and how telling a diff...

17 March 2022

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An update on Decarbonising Transport: BSI podcast

Dr. Anthony Velazquez - Head of Environment and Decarbonisation at TRL, is inter...

14 March 2022

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International Women's Day 2022

We asked some of the women of TRL, what’s your greatest achievement and who insp...

07 March 2022

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What next for Santa and his Decarbonisation journey?

The second instalment of the Santa Series...

28 February 2022

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Are our streets really the best place for experiments?

Paul Campion, CEO of TRL, advocates more, and more urgent use of real world test...

25 February 2022

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TRL renews accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 for Road Materials Testing

UKAS renews TRL's accreditation as a test facility

18 February 2022

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