TRL Software to replace National Highways Pavement Management System

TRL Software wins key National Highways' contract to replace its Pavement Management System

Published on 19 April 2022

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National Highways has commissioned TRL Software to provide it with a new pavement asset management system, known as P-AMS. This will be configured upon the cloud-based product iROADS, which is a commercially available off-the-shelf tool designed for various infrastructure assets. It will replace National Highways' existing 20-year-old HAPMS platform early next year. Using iROADS means TRL can deliver a cost-effective, user-friendly platform, with fully customised specifications.

P-AMS forms part of National Highways' Asset Management Transformation, and will help to support the delivery of its Digital Roads Strategy; creating more efficient ways of working through improved digital integration. The new system was developed to align with its emerging Asset Management System Strategy (AMSS). AMSS compliance will ensure the new system supports cross-asset data access and analysis, and the company's new data model. The pavement is an essential part of the national network, with information stored in P-AMS critical for informing decisions around future requirements.

TRL Strategic Ventures Director Paul Zanelli said:

"As a long-term supplier of pavement management solutions, TRL Software is excited to introduce its cloud-native iROADS digital roads platform, that has a focus on scalability, security and resilience to National Highways.

"The customised asset management platform will be rolled out with a detailed transition plan before the current HAPMS system's end-of-life deadline of March 2023".

P-AMS Implementation Project Manager Sarah Brookes said: "With the new system we will have easier access to asset information.

"P-AMS will be securely accessible from anywhere from a wide range of devices, which will enable improved analysis and decision-making, ultimately driving quicker and better outcomes".

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