Air Quality Monitoring at Ferrybridge

TRL installed an air quality monitoring station in Brotherton, Ferrybridge to measure nitrogen oxides, particulates and heavy metals. Monitoring began on 4th November 2013, whilst the coal fired power station Ferrybridge C was still operational.

Published on 24 April 2019

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In 2011 planning permission was granted for the Ferrybridge Multifuel energy from waste (EfW) plant, which became operational during 2015. The coal-fired power station was closed in March 2016, and subsequently a 2nd incinerated has been commissioned on the same site. Air quality monitoring is currently undertaken by TRL on behalf of Aecom as part of the environmental permit for the plant.

TRL currently supply and operate a chemiluminescence NO/NOx gas analyser, TEOM PM10 particulate monitor and Partisol sampler to measure heavy metals. Our in house team undertakes the routine calibration duties, metals filter changes, servicing, maintenance and repairs. We work closely with TRL’s environmental consultants and air quality experts to analyse and report the monitoring results, to our client.
All work is carried out in line with Defras TG16 guidance and instrument manufactures operating procedures.

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