Overseas Road Notes - the series

Links to all the Overseas Road Notes published by TRL

Published on 15 December 2021

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ORN1 - Road maintenance for district engineers

ORN2 - Maintenance techniques for District Engineers

ORN3 - A guide to surface dressing in tropical and sub-tropical countries

ORN4 - Field survey techniques and analysis for urban bus operators

ORN5 - A guide to road project appraisal

ORN6 - A guide to geometric design 

ORN7 Vol 1 - A guide to bridge inspection and data systems for district engineers

ORN7 Vol 2 - Bridge Inspector's Handbook

ORN8 - A users manual for a program to analyse dynamic cone penetrometer data

ORN9 - A design manual for small bridges

ORN10 - Costing road accidents in developing countries

ORN11 - Urban road traffic surveys

ORN12 - Design guidelines for busway transit 

ORN13 - The use of traffic signals in developing cities 

ORN14 - Hydrological design manual for slope stability in the tropics

ORN15  - Guidelines for the design and operation of road management systems

ORN16 - Principles of low cost road engineering in mountainous regions

ORN17 - Road safety education in developing countries - Guidelines for good practice in primary schools

ORN18 - A guide to the pavement evaluation and maintenance of bitumen-surfaced roads in tropical and sub-tropical countries

ORN19 - A guide to the design of hot mix asphalt in tropical and sub-tropical countries

ORN20 - Management of rural roads

ORN21 - Enhancing the mobility of disabled people: Guidelines for practitioners

ORN22 - A guide to pro-poor transport appraisal - The inclusion of social benefits in road investment appraisal

ORN31 - A guide to the structural design of bitumen-surfaced roads in tropical and sub-tropical countries (4th Edition)

ORN40 - A guide to axle load surveys and traffic counts for determining traffic loading on pavements

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