Side Road Zebra Crossings

Greater Manchester Combined Authority commissioned TRL to research the feasibility of introducing side road zebra crossings to reduce pedestrian casualties. The two-year study consisted of extensive consultation and off-road trials and concluded in 2021 with two on-street trials conducted by Tameside Council.

Published on 14 March 2022

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Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) commissioned TRL to undertake a programme of research into the use of non-prescribed zebra crossings at side roads. A prescribed zebra crossing has black and white stripes with give way lines, yellow globes on striped posts, and a line of studs and zigzag markings. A non-prescribed zebra crossing uses the black and white markings without all the other features; thereby allowing the crossing to be installed in the pedestrians’ desired walking line, directly across the mouth of a junction.

A research programme was designed, which followed a sequence of seven distinct studies, beginning with analysis of collision statistics, progressing through user surveys and interviews, simulation studies and culminating in two on-street trials. Earlier stages therefore informed later stages and helped to manage risk.

The main report provides a summary and analysis of the collective findings from this programme of work in order to develop recommendations.

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