Remote operation of Connected and Automated Vehicles (summary report)

Published: Nov 2021


ISBN: 978-1-913246-78-5

Author: A Kalaiyarasan, B Simpson, D Jenkins, F Mazzeo, H Ye, I Obazele, K Kourantidis, M Courtier, MCS Wong, P Ball, R Wilford

Pages: 31

Reference: PPR1012


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Currently, during automated vehicle trials there are two personnel present within each test vehicle: the Safety Driver and the Test Assistant. This summary report presents recommendations on how to progress to advanced trials and perform the roles of the Safety Driver and Test Assistant remotely. The recommendations are based on a literature review and a stakeholder engagement.

It was found that the terminology relating to remote operation used by the industry is inconsistent, so key terminology has been produced with the aim of promoting common use. The summary of roles, requirements and responsibilities of Safety Drivers, Test Assistants, and the Remote Operators (who would replace them) are presented. Following this, recommendations are given to enable remote operation of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). Finally, these recommendations have been used to generate a roadmap to enable remote operation of CAVs in the UK.

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