Linkage of STATS19 and Scottish hospital in-patient data - analyses for 1980-1995

Published: Jan 1999


ISBN: 1-84608-419-9

Author: Keigan, M,Broughton, J,Tunbridge, RJ

Pages: 16

Reference: TRL420


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The British national road accident reporting system (STATS19) uses three rather general categories of injury severity - Fatal, Serious and Slight. The value to researchers of enhancing STATS19 casualty records with clinical information has long been recognised. Since 1980, TRL has maintained a file of road accident casualty data for Scotland which has been enhanced with information such as length of stay in hospital and the overall Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale code (MAIS) for each of the six body regions. This report analyses the enhanced casualty information for the years 1980-95. Its aim is to provide an overview of trends in the clinical data over these sixteen years, and to give some insight into the scope for more detailed analyses. Various clear trends are identified, and some clear differences in the distribution of the clinical details are reported. (A)

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