Welsh side road Zebra crossings

Published: Feb 2023



Author: Gupta B, Bull N, Lee LS, Chege S, Barham P, Jones M

Pages: 78

Reference: XPR122


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Welsh Government commissioned TRL to undertake the trial of non-prescribed zebra crossing markings, located at the mouth of the junction, on side roads in Cardiff. The study involved monitoring the impact of the trial crossing on road user behaviour employing an innovative AI based optical sensor system to produce a digital interpretation of road user movements and positions before and after the implementation of the trial crossing; and survey of user perceptions through questionnaires and workshops. After the trial markings were applied, the observations from the optical sensors showed that there was a substantial and statistically significant drop in the number of cases where the pedestrian went second, providing strong evidence that there was a significant increase in propensity to give way. Additionally, significantly more pedestrians were also clearing the crossing area before the vehicle reached it. The presence of the trial crossing was recognised by a majority of all user groups as a crossing, and there was a clear acknowledgement that the pedestrian had the right of way; although some users raised concerns that other road users may not be aware of the priority.

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