Technical support to assess upgrades necessary to advanced driver distraction warning systems

Published: Feb 2023



Author: fka GmbH and TRL Ltd

Pages: 123

Reference: XPR118


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The regulation of Advanced Driver Distraction Warning (ADDW) systems has been mandated by the European Parliament and Council in Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 (the ‘General Safety Regulation’) in order to prevent distraction-based collisions and crashes. Most M and N category vehicles (passenger cars, vans, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles) will be included in the regulation, and it will also apply to new types from 7 July 2024 and to all new vehicles sold in the market from 7 July 2026. ADDW systems are designed to help the driver to pay attention to the driving task and warn them if they become distracted from activities that are critical for safe driving. In updating the regulation for ADDW, this report will detail the current state-of-the-art technology, support the European Commission in establishing performance requirements for ADDW systems and effective human machine interaction (HMI), and will propose testing methods for verifying performance that can be expected for a regulation of ADDW systems.

This report for the European Commission provides an overview of the activities undertaken and results, along with a draft proposition of system and test requirements to be covered by the ADDW regulation technical annex.

The following tasks were undertaken to develop draft regulatory text covering system function and test requirements for ADDW systems in a technology-neutral manner:

  1.  Literature review
  2. ADDW stakeholder engagement 
  3. Define an overall test methodology

The main outcome of the research undertaken within this phase of the project was the development of draft requirements around ADDW system testing, HMI and system function. These requirements aim to ensure that ADDW systems meet minimum standards in terms of quality (to ensure the intended safety benefit) but still allow system manufacturers to express design freedom by being technology neutral. A draft of the proposed regulatory text can be found within Appendix B: Proposed items for ADDW type approval regulation. The proposed draft text has been iterated after discussions in the European Commission’s Motor Vehicle Working Group – Sub-group on Driver’s Behaviour Assessment Systems.


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