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Safer Cycling Innovations


Transport for London has commissioned TRL to undertake a range of off-street trials of innovative cycling improvements. These off-street cycle trials will look at a number of options and based on analysis of the trials, decisions will be made as to whether or not they can be introduced on-street, subject to Department for Transport approval.

To find out more about the cycle trials themselves, click on the various links below. More information will be added as the trials progress. There is also an opportunity to participate in the work and you can also feedback your thoughts on the various measures to the Better Junctions team.

Alternative Fuels

Segregated Cycle Lanes

Segregated cycle lanes within the carriageway can provide a safe and comfortable environment for cyclists, avoiding some of the disadvantages posed by fully off-road cycle tracks.

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LCA & Carbon Footprinting

Low Level Cycle Signals

Low level cycle logo signals are used widely in Europe, to provide signals closer to cyclists’ eye-level, and also to provide separate signal phases for cyclists at junctions.

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Eco-driving & Fleet Management

Ways of Turning Right for Cyclists

Cyclists can face difficulties turning right at signalized junctions, having to cross traffic lanes and potentially getting caught between opposing streams of traffic.

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Eco-driving & Fleet Management

Bus Stop Bypass

A dedicated cycle lane which passes behind a bus stop creates a bus stop bypass, enabling cyclists to continue past a stationary bus away from the traffic lane and makes it possible to provide continuity for segregated cycle lanes.

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Sustainable Transport

Dutch Style Roundabouts

Large roundabouts can be intimidating for some cyclists as conflicts with other traffic can often occur, especially when the cyclist is turning right.

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Low Carbon Vehicles

High Level Cycle Signals

Signal heads specifically for cyclists are widely used and outside of Great Britain all three aspects would have cycle logos fitted.

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Cycle Detection using Intelligent Transport Systems

Since 2009, 28 cyclists have been killed in a collision with an LGV on London’s roads, with a large proportion of these collisions occurring when the goods vehicle was turning left.

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Be a Participant

Find out how to take part in the trials.

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