This section of the website describes some of the many services TRL offers, the facilities we have for conducting research and providing technical assurance, and outlines some of the expertise we have available to help our clients as they advance into the future of transport.

TRL is primarily a people-based business.  We invest in recruiting and developing some of the brightest minds who share our passion for improving the way we move people and goods around.  We reinvest our own profits into original research that keeps us at the cutting edge of our understanding of the factors which influence the development of sustainable transport.

We categorise what we do, and the knowledge required to innovate successfully, in the following themes:

  • Decarbonisation of transport: the reduction of greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint resulting from transport
  • Environment and Sustainability: transport solutions that protect the natural environment
  • Automation in transport: what automation will enable, and how it will be applied to transform the transport domain
  • Digitisation of transport: data and connectivity enabling new capabilities
  • Digital roads: developing efficiencies for lifecycle asset management, including road design, construction, condition monitoring and maintenance
  • Transport safety: safe systems incorporating safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe drivers
  • New mobility: new ways of moving people & goods, including active travel, and new business models and on-demand services to promote inclusivity and ease of use
  • Transport for sustainable development: the role of transport in driving sustainable development, with a focus on low to middle income economies
  • Active Travel Audits: help local authorities, landowners and developers make cities, towns, villages and spaces safer, more accessible, and better equipped to deal with the growing diversity in users and micromobility modes
This section covers our activities to support the design, construction, operation and maintenance of pavements.  We describe the principle products and facilities we have available for clients to test new ideas and create evidence of their safety such as our suite of simulators, our materials test labs, and our testbed for automated vehicles in London. You will find links in the pages to our Software sales team who provide licences for our award winning products, and to our Expert Witness & Investigations unit who are a world-leading team of accident investigators.  

Many of the pages include links to active and past projects that have been key to changes of policy, standards and regulations adopted first in the UK and then in Europe and beyond.

Not everything we do is in these website pages.  Please use the Search bar to locate published reports and articles - the library has over four thousands items available to access free of charge.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the Contact form. 

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